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Technological Development

Our company is specialized in designing IT solutions which rely on the latest technologies to allow our customers to use their capacities, resources with the highest efficiency.

It is the truth in cliché that homogeneous IT architectures may be operated with lower expenditures. For unique problems, however, special solutions offer the most optimal resolution, since the support to a new business process or product may be realized in a shorter period of time with a special solution. That assortment of special solutions implemented over time will not make a pattern of a homogeneous architecture; on the contrary, the clutteredness of abandoned IT architectures will continue to grow.

Every now and then there are new technological solutions on the IT market which will require a revision and reconsideration of even the most appropriately maintained and sufficiently homogeneous IT architecture.

Both these effects necessitate that we should periodically review, evaluate and optimize the resulting IT architecture.

When this service is ordered, G-DAS professionals will regard homogeneity and standardization tools and not goals. They are tools which may facilitate the achievement of strategic objectives (cost effectiveness, service competition, competitiveness).

This service is targeted at

  • companies formed after mergers or acquisitions
  • companies with IT systems architecturally uncoordinated over a longer period (>5 years)
  • for IT organizations without any major technological developments over a longer period

In this field we can firmly recommend our Customers two technical solutions to which we are convinced to have favorable impact in almost all environments. These are server virtualization and downsizing. The fact based management of IT systems and services requires the deployment of system monitoring applications. Virtualization and system monitoring solutions are inevitable components of cloud services.