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Tisztelt Látogató!

Dear Visitor,

It is my pleasure to welcome you on the website of G-DAS IT Consultancy and Services Ltd. On this page, you may read about the Company’s mission and services.


dr. Géza Szilágyi
managing director

Development is a must!


With my colleagues at G-DAS we do believe that no business can be profitable and competitive in the 21st century unless by applying the most suitable IT solutions.


How do you know if an IT solution is suitable?

There are mass solutions, widely distributed on the market, which are required to be implemented and properly applied by any business in order to operate with the efficiency that the market demands.
And there are customized, creative solutions which can produce direct competitive advantages for your business.


Anyhow, development is a must!


Nevertheless, we know how difficult it may be to make your choice from the broad range of products and services offered by manufacturers and vendors; to implement and operate the most suitable and mission-critical solutions which will indeed create value in your corporate environment.

This is why our Company is fully committed to its mission of assisting businesses in finding IT solutions which are the most adequate for them.


If we made you interested, feel free to contact us and tell us how we can contribute to Your and Your Company’s success.