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Management is impossible without knowing the facts. Facts may be identified and quantified through measurements.

IT services may and must be described by a variety of measurements at very different levels and with very different content, as professionals working at different functions of the organization look at the same reality from very different points of view. Different parameters may be interesting for operators and system administrators of different systems, and different information is analysed by the system engineer responsible for servers, storages, or the network. For an application owner only such information is relevant which may be necessary for the operation of the application. The business process owner, on the other hand, is only interested in the appropriateness of the applications required for the process, which may be demonstrated by aggregate parameters. A different level of aggregation is suitable for operations managers and IT managers.

The collection of accurate data and information, primarily through system monitoring tools, is of key importance for defining these perspectives and aggregation levels.

Our Company undertakes to design a relevant and valid IT scorecard system using the Balanced Scorecard methodology, which is suitable for measuring IT performance. In addition to operational parameters, this system may also be used to describe the realization of strategic objectives and the fulfilment of business requirements.

When necessary, we work in cooperation with the experts of Provice the performance of the assignment.