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IT coaches


What is IT-coaching?


In our understanding of the term, IT-coaching is a tailored service with the primary goal of improving IT performance in order to increase the productivity of the company (organization) and, in turn, the personal success of the executive. Thus, IT-coaching is a merger of two expert areas: IT consultancy and coaching.d

Executive coaching, in its traditional meaning, is a uniquely tailored interpersonal service normally offered to senior executives for the following purposes:

  • to address the need for and to perform major changes;
  • to elaborate new strategies in response to new demands;
  • to facilitate an intensive preparation for major tasks or events;
  • to raise awareness about the executive’s own role and career;
  • to improve personal success.

The same applies to IT-coaching, while its core focus is on goals directly related to the IT performance. Accordingly, within the framework of IT-coaching we offer company executives and/or IT managers of large corporations tailored interpersonal services aimed at:

  • creating and reviewing an IT Strategy;
  • defining and optimizing an organizational structure as well as corporate roles and responsibilities;
  • IT-controlling: developing investment plans and budgets, calculating service fees, completing break-even calculations;
  • designing and supervising technological convergence plans;
  • designing a scorecard system;
  • drawing up and reviewing in-house and third party IT services agreements, including technical parameters;
  • optimizing IT operational processes.

Who is our IT-coaching Targeted at?


All company executives who believe that the performance of the IT function is a critical success factor for the overall competitiveness of the company.

All IT executives whose daily duties do not leave them sufficient time for in-depth planning of longer term developments.


Who are the IT-coaches?


Our team of IT-coaches is composed of business professionals with several years of experience in corporate IT management. We are committed to offering services of superb quality while we also know that we cannot be the best at everything. In those areas we like to engage the insight of our business partners so that the services we offer to our Customers should be comprehensive as well as of the highest standards.