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Etalon Information Technology Ltd.

Etalon Information Technology Ltd is a Hungarian owned company established in 1998. Since its foundation, the Company has been permanently growing which is well reflected in the increase of its product and service portfolio, its growing customer base as well as its improving business results.

They have specialized in the distribution of high reliability enterprise servers as well as in providing the related business continuity support services, including flat-rate hardware maintenance, guaranteed time troubleshooting, operating system support, and consultancy. They are committed to offering our customers flexible, high quality, high standard, reliable yet cost effective services.

Maintenance and repairs services are of confidential nature, where Customers expect the service provider to have an economically stable business, a large stock of spare parts, reliable distribution channels of spare parts, professional staff with expertise knowledge, flexibility and short response time. Etalon Information Technology Ltd has been specialized in offering these services ever since its establishment, and can meet all these expectations completely.

To complement its traditional business line of hardware repairs and maintenance, and software operation and support services, the Company has expanded its offer with business consultancy services.

Today the Company may also assist its customers with IT due diligence, project management, quality assurance, software technology consultancy, implementation, and integrated application development.


G-DAS cooperates with Etalon in projects which involve implementation and maintenance jobs related to high reliability IBM, HP midrange servers, or business process management (BPM).