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Gábor Nick (1973)

  • MSc in Economics, majoring in Management and Organization
  • Master of Business Administration, majoring in Telecommunications
  • BSc in IT Engineering, majoring in Technical Management
  • Information System Programmer - higher education certificate
  • ITIL v3 Practitioner


Between 1993 and 2012, he held several IT management positions with key players in the finances sector.

In his work he deems it important to make continuous attempts to understand his business clients as much as possible in addition to providing appropriately stable background services, and to introduce innovations as demanded, with wide-ranging transparency in mind.

While involved in a number of international projects he learned about work culture and cooperation skills in European countries. He initially worked as a user of services to be promoted to be a service centre manager subsequently. Accordingly, he is experienced in designing and implementing Service Level Agreements and internal cost accounting systems, as well as in developing and adopting IT Balanced Scorecards.

He had the opportunity to supervise IT application developments, quality assurance, testing, infrastructure and operational environments both at domestic and at international levels, therefore he is aware of the role of corporate IT and its internal processes.


Ottó Szentjóbi (1962)

  • Certified Electrical Engineer
  • Organization Development Expert in Mental Hygiene


He has been working in the information technology industry since 1986 and in IT project management since 1996. His project management expertise involves systems development, systems implementation, infrastructure development and operations outsourcing projects of various sizes, both in Hungary and in Germany.

He held IT management positions of various levels with IT vendors, airlines and financial institutions, representing both the supplier side and the customer side.





György Szapu (1967)

  • Project Manager
  • System Analyst, Program Developer


He has worked in the information technology industry since 1988 and in IT and media since 1994. He has operational experience in IT, Web and Mobile software development. He was working in development, organization and operational management with an international corporation for 16 years. As an IT project manager at Axel Springer publishing house, he designed, developed and managed the operations of several business system development and implementation projects (Sales-CRM, logistics and distribution, HR and content generation).  In addition to IT project management tasks, he has also been involved in the development and operation of Web-based and Mobile software products since 2008.