Our approach

Enterprise Architecture Discipline

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Our approach

If you are interested in our activities and services, you are most welcome to contact us. We normally complete assignments within the framework of projects.

Our projects generally are realized in the following phases:



1.      First Contact: to identify your main needs and requirements

2.      Consultation Phase: to discuss the tasks to be performed more in detail and to familiarize with currently applied IT solutions (1 to 3 occasions)

3.      Placing a Quote: within two weeks, we submit a detailed quote for the activities specified, including the deliverables and the fees for our work

4.      Contracting: we conclude the contract after some refinement to our quote, as required in line with your requirements

In this phase we conform to our Customers in terms of scheduling and location.

We charge no fees for the Preparatory Phase.



5.      primary contact persons are appointed on both sides, who shall be in charge of making the necessary arrangements for information flow and cooperation

6.      during the work, we conform to the Customer’s timetable within the scope of the schedule set out in the contract in order to minimize the disturbance of the normal course of business

7.      in the course of our work, we devote particular care to the confidential treatment of business information we obtain



8.      after completing the task, we present the completed work and the deliverables during an interactive personal presentation, and send you a written report with the documentation within 5 working days

9.      during the contractual warranty period applicable to our activities, we are available free of charge in connection with the work completed and provide a 10% discount on new orders