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Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management  is a business practice that involves managing a company’s software assets throughout all stages of their life-cycle in order to allow for their lawful use, as well as clear and economic operations.

Why is this a Hot Issue Nowadays?


While the widespread recognition of the importance of software asset management within the corporate environment largely roots in the management’s demand for the above, it must be remembered that there is growing pressure from software manufacturers and interest representation bodies, as well.

In many cases, companies that wish to make progress in software management purchase a software inventory management application which can handle software license inventories and usage measurement independently of manufacturers.

Nevertheless, even the most perfect software inventory application is of no value, and makes no spectacular progress in the company’s software management after the project launch unless the appropriate operational process is designed, put in place, and – above all – complied with.


Benefits of a Smart Software Management Process

  • Work Efficiency

The basis of efficient work is the sufficient operation of computer workstations. For users it means transparency and software assets which they can purposefully use, while for the operator it means an asset inventory which is easily to manage and simple to operate.

  • Cost Efficiency

In itself, a software inventory will not do job, but with smartly designed and clearly regulated software management processes it may indeed be the most cost efficient way to track all the software products which are inevitable for the company’s operation. Only such software assets should be used by only such employees who really have to in their work, and only such applications should be installed on such workstations where they are really necessary.

  • Support to Procurement Decisions

Reasonably designed processes and up-to-date records may guarantee that only the required software products are purchased in the demonstrably required quantities through a licensing structure which is the best financial choice for the company.

  • Accountability

It is the responsibility of the company’s management to ensure that software products are used in compliance with the effective legislation within the company. Thus, it is crucial that from time to time the management should be informed whether the software inventory is up-to-date, software use is lawful, legislative provisions are complied with, and processes operate sufficiently. All these requirements may be fully satisfied with a smartly designed software management system.

We can develop an effective software management environment for Your Company, by completing the following services for You:

  • Initial Assessment
  • Developing Software Management Processes
  • Drafting Policies
  • Implementing the Software Management System